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Denbury Register of Apprentices

One of the functions of the Denbury Feoffees was the oversight and administration of the Poor Law at parish level.  This included the arranging and underwriting of apprenticeships.  Under this arrangement, needy or destitute parents placed one or more children, sometimes as young as 7 years, in the care and employment of a local Yeoman, Tradesman or Householder until age 21.  While indentured, the boy or girl would attend school and work at learning whatever trade had been agreed with their guardian.

From June 1st 1802, a statute came into effect requiring a central parish register of apprentices to be kept.  Each entry was countersigned by the Parish Overseers (members of the Feoffees) and two Magistrates.  Denbury's Register of Apprentices runs from 1804-38 and, depending on your perspective, is either a document of hope or a harrowing account of personal tragedy for the families concerned.

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