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The reports contain references to certain other charities viz:—

John Peter's Charity

The will of Mr John Peter dated 1570 gave to the poor of the parish £1 per annum from the tithes of Cornworthy "which sum is administered by the Rector and Churchwardens".

Simmings Gift (lost)

A return made to Parliament in 1786 stated that John Simming gave to the parish £10, then producing ten shillings, "to be laid out for the purchase of books for poor children". There was no documentary evidence of this and the 1909 report states that no distribution had been made in living memory.

Dr Mortimore's Charity (Elizabeth Vining's)

Dr Mortimore put into effect the wishes of Elizabeth Vining by purchasing £76 13s 4d Consols to pay the annual sum of £2 0s 0d to the Rector and Churchwardens of Denbury to be distributed by them "each Christmas Eve or as near that period as could be, in equal sums among six of the oldest and most necessitous of the resident poor".

Based on original research by Peter Head and Adam Knowles, Denbury Archive Group.

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