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Beating the Bounds About 1926
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1.George(Stumpy)Atwill, 2.Sid Stroud, 3.H.Webber, 4.W.S.Oades, 5.Bill Tanton, 6.Bill Pinhey, 7.Old Mr Stroud, 8.Mr Chapman, 9.W.Maunder, 10.Jack Palfrey

1.Mr Wonnacott, 2.Mr Spiller, 3.Les Soper, 4.Harry Lark, 5.Rector Nash, 6.Brig. Gen. Kelly, 7.J.Chudley, 8.S.Pinhey

On Ground:
1.Charlie Rowe, 2.Jim Cudlip, 3.A.Williams