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The Churchyard at St Mary the Virgin, Denbury

St Mary's Churchyard, Denbury

From: The Rector of Ipplepen with Torbryan and Denbury

The Reverend Ian C Eglin
The Rectory
Paternoster Lane
S Devon
TQ12 5RY

Dear Friend,

Over the years we have tried to keep Denbury churchyard as a garden of peace and comfort.  To provide a quiet, happy and beautiful resting place for the souls who are laid within it and a place of consolation and contemplation for those who loved them.

Comments and responses through the years give us hope that we have been successful in this aim, through the help of volunteers and others.  However, all things come at a price - and the church now faces costs of up to 1,000 per season to maintain the standard people have come to expect.

And so, reluctantly, we turn to those who have loved ones buried here to ask if you would consider making a small contribution to the upkeep of the churchyard.  Any size of donation would be most appreciated.  Indeed, if all who have relatives recently departed were to give just 24 a year (2 per month) the maintenance costs would be largely met.

An appeal for financial help in such circumstances is never easy to read - or to make - but we are faced with little choice.  Please consider helping us to keep Denbury churchyard a haven of peace for those who have died and for those who still remember.

Thank you.

Ian C Eglin

If you do not live in Denbury but would like to make a contribution, please contact Churchwarden Steve Bassett at 01803 812537 or  steve"at"bassett3494.fsnet.co.uk      (insert @ in place of "at").

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